I'm Elena Zahariuc, and I’m a composer, sound designer, sound engineer and music producer. Currently, I study at the Moscow School of Film and TV with a major in Sound Mixing. My background consists of years of piano, composition and harmony practicing at Music School and at Music College, training my eyars, learning the craft from masters. My family's business is building, so naturally I'm interested in architecture, math and phisics, that is one of the reasons of my MA degree in Sound Mixing and Engineering. As the result of all my studies, interests and skills I became a music producer and sound engineer.

Service short list:

  • music composition

  • arrangement

  • mixing and mastering audio in-studio

  • audio restoration

  • sound design

Software Proficiencies:

  • Logic Pro X

  • Pro Tools

  • FMOD

  • Izotope RX

  • Nuendo

  • Adobe Audition

  • Reaper

  • Audacity

  • iZotopeRX

  • Final Cut

  • QLab

  • Adobe Premier Pro

  • DaVinci

  • Excel

  • Word

About me


You can also listen to my music here on soundcloud/elenzack.com



Gezilda Lima 

director, journalist of TV channel Globo


Быстро и точно формулирует и воплощает музыкальные идеи. Элен создала музыку, которая идеально проиллюстрировала мой фильм.


Polina Lazareva

director, actress of Mayakovsky theater


Talented and dependable professional, skilled in all aspects. Extremely motivated and creative. Hard working team member. I plan to work with Helen in future projects.


Artem Gaponenko

theater director


Элен - увлеченный профессионал, горящий своим делом.


Karolina Panferova



В команде работает слаженно и выполняет поставленные задачи достаточно быстро.


Мария Сапрыкина

director, screenwriter 


Хочу порекомендовать вам Элен в качестве звукорежиссера на ваши проекты. Мы познакомились в Московской школе кино, где она подхватила очень сложный проект, в котором был практически полностью потерян звук на площадке, и благодаря своему упорству, усидчивости и профессионализму, сумела буквально заново воссоздать весь звук фильма. Также могу отметить личные качества Элен - терпение, отзывчивость, спокойное отношение к работе, доброжелательность, вдумчивость. Ко всему прочему, Элен прекрасный музыкант, что является огромным плюсом при работе со звуком - ей будет несложно решать самые ответственные задачи, поскольку базовое музыкальное образование является большим преимуществом любого звукорежиссера.


Professor Tim Aubrey
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology,
University of Technology Sydney


I worked with Elen (Elena Zahariuc) during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the Commentary Switching
Centre. Elen was employed as a Commentary Systems operator during games time, having
previously completed training with HBS.
Elen is a knowledgeable technician with significant experience in sound production and related
areas. As an operator she was reliable, accurate and responsive to her manager and broadcasters.
She has an ongoing interest in all things audio and keeps up to date with technology through online
courses and certification. She has applied her expertise in a number of projects. She is currently
completing a specialist degree at the GITR Institute of Film and Television, having previously
completed a Bachelor Degree at the Moscow State Institute of Music.
It was a pleasure to work with Elen. Her teamwork skills are exemplary. She was always willing to
help others and willing to take responsibility for her own contributions. Her enthusiasm for the work
was infectious and appreciated by all those around her. She has very good communications skills and
a high level of English. This was particularly helpful when translation was required.
Elen possesses well developed personal and professional attributes. She sets high standards for
herself. She has good problem solving skills and is diligent and persistent in achieving robust
outcomes. Elen is a quick and effective learner, and a good listener. She is willing to ask for help
when needed. This learning is driven by her deep curiosity. I have no doubt that she will succeed in
her career.
I have no hesitation in recommending Elen for work in audio, commentary systems or related fields.
Please contact me if you require further information.


Caire Steling Rego
Commentary Switching Center
Ops Technical Manager 


Host broadcasting covers a wide range of tasks, including the start to finish project management of these
events – a process which typically involves several years of planning. FIFA TV has appointed Host
Broadcast Services AG (HBS) to be the official Host Broadcaster of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM,
held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. As Host Broadcaster, it is HBS’ role, on behalf of FIFA, to
produce all the images and sounds of all 64 matches of the FIFA World CupTM. One of its roles is also to
implement the FIFA Legacy Programme. The aim of the Legacy Programme is to train students in the
field of television production, host broadcasting and event management.
Elena Zahariuc has been hired as Offtube Assistant with HBS during the 2018 FIFA
World Cup RussiaTM for the period from 7th of June to 15 of July. She has successfully completed all
tasks assigned to her.

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